Livada fermecată
In the heart of Vrancea there is a place, blessed by nature. Every year we add passion and science to finally enjoy an outstanding harvest. We invite to join us on a journey into the world of enchanted fruit in our orchard . We begin our journey on the Alley of Sweet Cherries, we continue on the Road of Fragrant Blueberries . The Delicious Walnuts shall finally give us the necessary break to decide how much we wish to have from each of them .
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At the beginning there was the Ideea!

Custom says that in life you work, you contemplate to leaving something behind you. To build a house, to plant a tree… are just some of the words and deeds passed on from generation to generation to guide us . This is how the project “Livada fermecata” was born in 2011. Planting not only one, but many trees – an orchard of cherry, walnut and blueberry trees which now bear beautiful, healthy and tasty fruits ready for picking .

New project

Purchases of machinery and cherry orchard expansion

We are currently implementing a new investment project financed by the European Union and the Romanian Government.

Project completed

The new cherry orchard

We carried out a program financed by the European Union and the Government of Romania through which we set up a new orchard of 10 hectares of cherries. Also through this project we have developed new capacities for sorting and storing fruits.

The cherry tree plantation

Sweet cherries

The 14 hectares cherry tree orchard is cultivated in a super-intensive system. We planted the following varieties: Burlat, Summit, Merchant, Kordia, Karina and Regina yielding a superior quality of fruit production by surface unit, with maximum optimization in the use of the land . The entire cherry plantation has fertigation system and is covered with antihail protection, 10 hectares have anti rain system. In the spring of 2020 we will extend with 5 more hectares. 

The blueberry tree plantation

Flavoured blueberries

We have 17,50 hectares of blueberry trees, from the following varieties Hanna’s Choice, Duke, Bonus, Bluecrop, Cargo and Elliott.  All varieties have a high quality, yield and efficiency, the difference is made by: 

  • the period when the fruits reach ripeness and can be harvested
  • the size of the fruit

The walnuts tree plantation

Delicious walnuts

The walnut tree orchard cover a surface of 31 hectares and is an conventional grown. We have two varieties of walnut trees, Lara and Fernor with great results – lateral fructification. The fertilization of this orchard is made with complex fertilizer under the direct guidance of our specialists.

Cherry hectares
Blueberry hectares
Walnut hectares


Renowned farmers

Cherries and blueberries in “Livada Fermecată” are Global G.A.P certified and the farm has GRASP certification. Global G.A.P. is a body from the private sector, which establishes internationally recognized voluntary certification standards for agricultural products. The purpose of the Global G.A.P.standard is to reassure consumers regarding the means of food production by minimizing the use of chemical substances and to guarantee the health and safety of workers and consumers alike. In short the standard ensures the safety and sustainability of the certified products . The phytosanitary products used in “Livada Fermecată” are approved for use in Romania .

Modern agriculture

The cherry and blueberry orchards use an automatic fertigation system with wireless remote control from a PC or smartphone. The use of this equipment controls quantity of water and fertilizer per time unit and surface . This way each tree will receive the optimum quantity of water and fertilizer needed for normal development. The culture maintenance is carried out by carefully crafted programs, monitored by our specialists.

Harvest, storage, transport

The cherries and blueberries are harvested when they reach technical maturity. Then, they are carefully sorted, packed on our optical lines and kept in the refrigerated warehouse, with a capacity of 90 tons. Once packed they will be delivered to the internal and international market. Fruits transport is done by refrigerated trucks in optimum conditions. The fruits arrive in stores or at distributors with impeccable quality.


We grow day by day

Livada Femecata (Enchanted Orchard) aims to grow steadily in the future. Fruit production will increase gradually, by increasing the productivity of current cherry, blueberry and walnut crops. In the spring of 2020 we will start planting a plot with another 5 hectares of cherries. We are constantly concerned about obtaining healthy fruits, of a higher quality, thus satisfying the most refined tastes. Wanting to improve the fruit sorting activity, we purchased a cherry sorting and calibration line, as well as an optical sorting and packing line for blueberries to be able to deliver quality, fresh and tasty fruit! We have expanded the storage capacity from 30 tons to 120 tons. We are constantly taking care of the environment. We ensure soil conservation and protection conditions by applying carefully monitored programs and in accordance with environmentally friendly agricultural practices. 

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Cherry hectares (in 2020)
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